How a LinkedIn post saved a Life

How a LinkedIn post saved a Life

[Dr. Ejaj Bari Choudhury]

29 August, 2016 4:26 pm I got some sms from Dr. Sandeep Attawar, Director & Chief Cardiac Surgeon of Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Delhi, India. Those were most delighting messages I ever got. The stress & tension I was bearing for more than a month was completely gone. I started replying his messages but within a few moments my vision got blurred. These tears of gratitude, happiness & relief could have been changed by tears of extreme pain of losing my young cousin forever.

Few months back my cousin had a heart attack who is only 31. His father is retired, mother is a teacher and sister is looking for a job. They all were shocked & very upset but didn’t know, it was just the Tip of an Iceberg.

Dr. Sandeep Attawar

Shaown, my cousin was then brought to Dhaka for an Angiogram. The anxious faces outside operation theater were burst into tears when the renowned Bangladeshi Cardiologist declared, “This patient is a case of Giant Coronary Aneurysm with Triple Vessel Disease – an extremely rare condition and not even found in Bangladesh in last 5 years.” Their agony touched the sky when Doctors had no answers at that moment regarding the treatment. They then knocked the best Cardiac Surgeon in Bangladesh who said, emergency surgery (CABG) has to be done but remained silent at their other questions.

Then I had an idea of seeking help or suggestions through LinkedIn. I placed my First ever post in LinkedIn mentioning the details of my cousin, his reports & angiogram videos. Received a prompt response from Dr. Karim M. Zakirul who is now leading a hospital in Vietnam. Dr. Zakirul is a great leader in Hospital management sector and trying to improve the total healthcare industry by his resourceful posts (articles). But His shortest post (to me) just saved my cousin’s life. He showed me the way and gave me the contact details of the Doctor who can treat this.

I was amazed by the prompt & cordial response from Dr. Sandeep Attawar despite his extremely busy schedule as Director & Chief Cardiac Surgeon of Fortis. He spent hours on us. By his clarification, assurance and cordial guidelines my cousin’s family came back to normal life. He was so empathetic that, knowing the current hardship of the family, he arranged the cheapest possible treatment package. Dr. Sandeep Attawar and his team provided such amazing & passionate support to this family that was beyond our expectation.

I feel, LinkedIn is just like a Mirror of Success. It shows us the ways of becoming successful in our career, It tells us the stories of successful people, It inspires us to overcome our failures and dreaming of our own success and so many positive things.

But in this mirror, there are many weak images & weak voices who cannot reach far but need help or attention. Anyone of us can become a Light in the Darkness for them. At least we can help them to spread their voices by sharing their posts. There is definitely someone to help, in this 40 million’s network.

No matter whether you are successful or not in your career, Your simple act of kindness or helping attitude might change the life of others and that would bring You the real peace & happiness in your short Human life and eternal After life.


Diabetologist & Head of Diabetes Center

Monno Medical College Hospital

Manikganj, Dhaka


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