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‘Pregnancy Planning’ for Newly Married Couples

Rafiq – Ul – Alam

A Baby is a gift of yours Love.  A baby brings couple more closer, enhances your bonding and sweeten conjugal life  and couple’s relationship  So newly married Couple should have thinking for a baby and make their future ‘Pregnancy Planning’ just after you married. This is because you need to be prepared in every possible ways i.e. physically, emotionally, psychologically, financially and materially before adding a member to your family. It should be considered thinking about your career as well as yours ages at the time of togetherness.

Let’s have a look at how much you should wait to have a kid after marriage so that both of you and your children are sound and healthy.

Pregnancy  Educator &  Fertility Counselor

If you marry before 20 years

 A woman should not plan to have a baby till she is at least 20 yrs. old. Because you should have mind that the complications during pregnancy and child birth are one of the major cause of death for 15-19 year old girls globally. Moreover having a child before 20 years of age is too early because parenting needs a more mature care

If you marry between 20 to 25 years

 If you think you can surely plan for a baby at this time. Because it’s a very ideal time frame to conceive mostly not facing any infertility problems for both partners.  So if the couple do not have any financial or career problem certainly you can plan to build up your family.

If you marry between 25 to 30 years

You must plan to have a baby as soon as you are married. Because this the best and mature time frame to be a parent. However, health-wise this level especially at the 30 of a woman may occurs fertility drops and the chances of her getting pregnant drop

If you marry between 30 to 35 years

If you are in this time frame you must try to have a baby as quickly as you are married and SHOULD NOT delay it at all  as the chances of pregnancy drop significantly for the women at that time. It would be wise if you make sure that you and your partner are physically fit and fine to be a parent.  

If you marry between 35 to 40 years

you must have a baby immediately but only after you get yourself and your partner screened and see if you are healthy enough to have a healthy baby as by this age, the chances of your kid developing various neuro development disorders, also may have miscarriage risk and its chances may very high.


Rafiq – Ul – Alam

Pregnancy  Educator &  Fertility Counselor

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