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[By Tinku Rajeev Gupta]

Technology led healthcare space is transforming rapidly with innovative solutions, mostly by the start-ups in India.

Techminence Medicare Pvt. Ltd. has rightly been rated by India Fund Fest as one of the “42 most fund able start-ups  2017”. The company is surging ahead with a vision to provide accessible healthcare for all, customer satisfaction and to ensure availability of help needed during the golden hour of medical need through their Smart Medical Alert Systems (SMAS). The Company is registered with the Department of Industrial Promotion and Policy recommended by InCITE (Mazumdar Shaw Foundation)

Mr. Nitin Shanrm

Tinku Rajeev Gupta the Bureau Chief  Sastha Bangla  Kolkata speaks to Nitin Shanrm & Faisal Nayaab, Founding member of Techminence Medicare Pvt. Ltd. to understand the story behind SMAS and more.

Tinku: why or what was the source of this idea ?

SMAS: Firstly, I lost my 8-year-old brother due to the absence of any timely medical attention and unavailability of such device and services.

Secondly, I have seen many accidental incidents where victims, badly injured, left stranded on streets, while no one coming for help. And when the ambulance finally arrives, the majority of them succumbed to their injuries.

Tinku: Are there any such devices manufactured or marketed in India. If yes how is  SMAS better than those?

SMAS:  SOS devices like our’s are not available in market till now.

There are few healthcare apps in the market. But, being a standalone IOT device, our products have advantages in case of features and functionalities.

Generally, an app is fully dependent on the signal from the service provider or the manual set of operations like navigation,  that has to be performed in a mobile phone.In majority of the cases, they are generally recorded with the pre-occurred events, remains out of reach in case of any health accidents or stop working( break down or get hung) in case of any road mishaps. But, our  products’ sole purpose is to provide assistance with just a touch of the button.

Mr. Faisal Nayaab

The turn around time for our device to connect to a support facility is quick, and it is an quintessential advantage over the healthcare apps.available in the market today. Also, it’s not a device, but a whole bunch of services and coordination support as a whole, right from making the ambulance services available till the very end that is admitting and dealing with the hospitals, acting like a surrogate guardian to the patient or the victim. Besides, carrying our device is lot easier, can be ported anywhere than carrying a mobile phone.

Tinku: Please provide some facts and figures on the target end users.

SMAS: Currently, we are focusing on 3 groups of target end users with a higher need to medical emergency services

  • Elderly population
  • Road Accidents
  • Pregnant Women

According to the Survey, falling down is the leading cause of injuries and death for elderly Indians. Each year, about 35% to 40% of elderly people fall at least once.Now as per (give source of data) , 10 % of India’s 133 billion population is in the age group of 60 years or older, which translates into 13 millions.

Road Accident in India, 17 lives could have been saved every hour if medical assistance would have arrived on time, need similar data for pregnant women as well) In 2016, a total no of 4,80,625 road accident were reported which caused 1,50,785 deaths and 4,94,624 person injured in our country. Thus on an average 1317 accidents and 413 accidents deaths take place on Indian roads every day ; or 55 accident and 17 deaths every hour.

At least 34 births and 10 deaths are registered in the country every minute, a census body Has revealed. According to the Registrar General of India, a mind boggling 49,481 births and 14,475 deaths are registered in the country every day, but the figure accounts for less than 70 per cent of the actual data.

Tinku: When are we getting to see this product in the market and how do we procure it?

SMAS: We have already launched the products through our website and some marketing channels. We have already tied up with many reputed medical organizations and healthcare players. Our products can be procured at or contact us directly at +91 8050112200

Tinku: What is the shelf life of the products? Can these products be replaced with upgraded versions or these are auto upgraded?

SMAS: The product can be used for years , while it’s features can be auto – upgraded with new versions from time to time.

We are focusing on the innovative solutions, planning to do continuous R&D for more advanced features and functionalities which can be added to the product.

Tinku: Your future plans to take this product overseas

SMAS: We are currently focusing on Indian market. But, we have plans to cross the geographical boundaries too as we have developed the products for the benefits of the human being.

Tinku: Your message to our readers

SMAS: Life is precious. And, life is uncertain. Now, it’s time to secure our lives, whatever way possible.

This is just a small effort from our side for increasing the security and reducing the uncertainty of the lives of our near and dear ones.

Bureau Chief

Sastha Bangla Kolkata Bureau Office

Cell : +919903804846

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