Full stop is a new beginning

Full stop is a new beginning

[By Shri Pannalal Mishra]

Till 2016, I was in best of my health as I was an athlete and never missed my morning jog and free hand exercises. From March 2016 onwards, I started feeling sick. Gradually it became a regular affair and I became fond of my Bed. On consultation with my family doctor, he diagnosed the symptoms of colitis. He assured that it not of much worry and asked me to be patient. After 6 months, there was no improvement in my health and the condition became worse. I changed the doctor and started homeopathy. But still in vain.

I was under tremendous suffering.

In March 2017, my son came to Mumbai and we visited special doctors and did few tests. Cancer was detected!!!

My world almost collapsed around me. But I gathered courage  and could take a decision to move to Mumbai for further treatment.

21st March 2017 was my first visit to Tata Memorial, senior oncologist performed the test…And my journey towards my victory began.

I also undergone a surgery which lasted almost 10 hrs in the month of April…It was successful!! The recovery was slow but continuous.

Mr. Panna Lal Mishra (Cancer Survivor)

Post-surgery I had to face 1 chemo every month. I was hospitalized for more than 50 days. Let me confess my entire duration of recovering was tough but I faced it strongly and my faith kept me going.

In Jan 2018, I had been advised to go back to my native place.

I was thrilled and longed to return home in Kolkata but I couldn’t do so due to sudden spurt in my health issue.

Let me disclose that this victory has helped me realized my true mission and I dedicate my entire life in fulfilling the mission of my Mentor and walk on the path shown by him.

I am determined to give hope to all I come across with my victory.


Retired Business Consultant & Cancer Survivor, Kolkata, India



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