A short note on male infertility

A short note on male infertility

[Dr. Sujoy Dasgupta]

Causes of Male Infertility
Inadequate Sperm Production, Block in Sperm conducting duct, Sexual Dysfunction Lifestyle- smoking, drugs, obesity

Dr. Sujoy Dasgupta

Usual Investigations
Semen Analysis (At least twice), Evaluation of Testicular Size, Hormone Tests in blood,
Ultrasound, Chromosomal Analysis (Blood)

Treatment options
Life Style Changes, Medicines- Natural Conception, IUI- self sperm, IVF/ ICSI- self sperm,

How Sperms can be collected?
Self-Manipulation,Vibroejaculation,From Urine (Retrograde Ejaculation), From Testes/ Epididymes (Biopsy or needle)


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