Dental Surgery – The Important yet most Important

  Dental Surgery: The Important yet most Important

[By Dr Utshab Bhattacharjya]

Yes the field which caters to the health of humans, the field which is one among the most sophisticated and demanding  fields in western countries, is the field which is going neglected in this region. Yes this is Dental Surgery.

One among  the most important  cause of this is lack of awareness among common man. Second reason is dental surgery involves surgical or non surgical operations which are so costly that many people cannot afford it. The condition is same everywhere. The real problem Is here there is NO INSURANCE  system present which could have made it affordable for patients. Abroad, there are insurance facilities for almost every procedure.

Even people think that there are 32 teeth, if one falls off it doesn’t matter. They don’t realise that when your one teeth falls off it starts the saga, one after the other, till all teeth comes out of the mouth. Now-a-days many people suffer from gastric trouble and indigestion problem. They have started taking antacids just like pop corn. They don’t realise that chewing, salivation, tongue hygiene, microbes inside mouth – all contribute to it. Common man understands that in old age teeth will eventually fall off. But we are tired of explaining that its not necessary. A regular visit to the Dental Surgeon will reduce the chances multiple folds.

Even if you are going for the most costliest implants remember you are spending that huge amount because you could not keep and maintain teeth and get treated at the correct time. Otherwise a less costlier RCT (Root Canal Treatment) would have done the job. Now if you are going for a costly RCT, its just because you never get your cavities filled at initial stage or your going for  even less costlier Restoration (Filling). You are spending just because you never taken any dental surgeon’s guide as to how to keep the teeth and maintain it. Ask yourself how many times you got your scaling done (cleaning of gum) from a surgeon (dental). In USA, its recommended every 6 – 8 months. Lots of patients ask  me : Does Dental treatment lead to eye problem? Answer is NO. They ask does scaling remove  the outer layer of tooth? Again NO. Please don’t think on your own. Refer to your preferred dental surgeon. Ask them in detail about your treatment  and they will help for sure.

Remember that oral health has got direct connection with cardiac ailments, diabetes, pregnancy and need not mention cancer. Also a well informed dental surgeon when makes a competent diagnosis may be able to tell you even diseases like GERD  (Gastro Esphaogeal Reflex Disease), stress, Osteoporosis, Joint related disorders , well before a general physician identifies.

So, a regular visit to a Dental Clinic once every 6 to 8 months or atleast yearly helps you to save your health and a lot of wealth. They say ‘A Stitch  In Time Saves Nine’ .



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